Affiliates Registration Process:

  1. Click affiliates menu of the main menu.
  2. Click “Affiliates Registration” tab. Then the following menu will be shown.

3. Now fill up all required field. Upload appropriate pictures and click register.

4. After successfully registration, please check your mail including spam mail for email verification.

5. After verification email, please login with your user name and password. Then the following screen will be shown:

6. Now click on Marketing Tab as below below.

7. Click on Affiliate links.

8. After clicking Affiliate links, the following window will be shown



9. The following link will be your referral link.

10. Now you can share this link to any where like face book, twitter etc. By clicking this link if anyone purchase an item then the affiliate user will get 5% commission of the client’s total purchase amount. When total amount of an affiliate user will be 2000 taka then he can withdraw his money from Kuhel Lifestyle or if he wish he can purchase anything from

11. There are three kind of available Rank in kuhellifestyle affiliate system. Basic, Premium and Premium Gold. When a user registered in our Affiliate system then his rank will be “Basic”. When his number of referrals will be 15 as well as total amount of sell 10000 than his rank will be updated to Premium.

12. In premium rank a user will get 6% sell commission. Here when his number of referrals will be 25 as well as total sell amount will be 20000 then his rank will be promoted to “Premium Gold”.

13. In premium gold a user will get 8% sell commission.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

We activated MLM system in our Affiliate system. Here we use “The Unilevel Plan” with Matrix depth (Levels) 5. Each level will generate 5% sell commission. For details understanding about the Unilevel System please see the following video :